Image by Lucrezia Carnelos

Sponsor Us!

This page explains the levels of sponsorship and the perks that come with them

Glass Buildings

Friends of ZIC (In Kind Donors)

Please contact us if would like to help with in-kind donations such as these:

• Meals + Snacks

• Unbranded drawstring/tote bags, water bottles, pens or notebooks/binders

• Meeting space that can accommodate up to 300 people

• Materials for goodies given to attendees

• Audio-visual equipment, including translation

• Photographer

• Tents

• Transportation

• Alberta “experience” (tours, activities)

- Banners indicate what they sponsored

Above the Clouds

Firefly Donor (Below $250)

-Text recognition on the official website of the Zone Interact Convention.

Above the Clouds

Sunlight Donors   ($251 - $1,000)

- Text mention/name on the website 

- Recognition at the end of the event on the screen

Glass Buildings

    Lightning Donors          ($1,001 - $10,000)

- Logo on the website

- Logo on bags  

- Verbal recognition at the end and logo on the screen 

- Even smaller logo on banners

Glass Buildings

        Star Donors

   ($10,001 - $40,000)

- Logo on website 

- Logo on all swag (bags, shirts) 

- Smaller logo on banners 

- Logo on programs 

- Verbal recognition at the end and logo on the screen 

- Booths in the house of friendship 

- Name featured on social media

- Questions in feedback survey

Above the Clouds

       Aurora Donors

  ($40,001 and above)