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  • Ashley Livingstone

Sign Up For ZIC 2022 Today!


The Zone Interact Convention (ZIC) is a conference that aims to bring students from Zones 28 and 32 together.

At ZIC, we strive to provide a safe, innovative and creative environment where Interactors can explore their imaginations and connect with their peers. We feel that more often than not, Interactors are not connected with each other. We hope to aid this issue by bringing 258 attendees and 41 Rotarian / Rotoractor Chaperones from the 4 nations that make up Zones 28 & 32. Students will be able to create long-lasting friendships and learn grasp many different concepts.

Over the course of the four day convention attendees will be provided with vital leadership skills, the capability to socialize with fellow attendees, and arguably most importantly, experience something new.

Wait! That's not all! ZIC will be held in the beautiful city of Calgary. Home to lush scenery, and kind locals, attendees will not be disappointed by the beautiful city that Calgary is. Attendees will not be disappointed by the beautiful city that Calgary is. The convention is held from March 10th - March 13th, 2022 in the Best Western Premier Calgary Plaza Hotel and Conference Centre. It is also very important to note that Interactors aged 14 - 18 are eligible to attend. Another major factor to take into account is that attending ZIC will count towards your 40 hours of volunteer work. If this doesn't convince you to register, what will?

All in all, we can't wait to see everyone who comes out to Calgary in March, and we're very excited to show what students can truly accomplish when brought together.



ZIC Website Coordinator

Learn about registering for ZIC here :


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